Lecture on Land Administration & Practice in Hong Kong


Prior to his appointment as an adjunct professor in the Department of Real Estate and Construction at the University of Hong Kong since 2007, Professor Roger Nissim practiced as a chartered surveyor in England and Hong Kong for almost forty years. Having experiences in working with both the public and private sectors, he is an expert on land issues of Hong Kong. Professor Nissim worked in the government and was promoted to Assistant Director of Lands until 1993. In the following fourteen years, Professor Nissim worked with a private developer to manage all the planning and land administration matters, including premium negotiation and land use conversion in the New Territories. He is an independent land and planning consultant, a Director of the Hong Kong Countryside Foundation, and more recently, a member of Citizens Task Force on Land Resources.

In this lecture, Professor Nissim will explain the historical development as well as current practice of local land administration. As land administration is governed by private contract law rather than legislation, it is constantly evolving as more court decision affecting land are handed down. Professor Nissim will make reference to the most significant cases and their implications. This lecture will be based on the fourth edition of his book ‘Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong’ published in 2016 by HKU Press. The first edition of this book came out in 1998 and has since then been widely used by academics and practitioners. This book has also been referred to in Hong Kong High Court Judgements.

Roger Nissim是香港大學房地產及建設系客座教授,在英國和香港執業為測量師近四十年,擁有在政府及私營機構工作的豐富經驗,是香港土地問題的專家。Nissim教授在1993年離開政府前,任職地政總署助理署長,其後的十四年在一家發展商主管規劃及土地行政工作,專責處理補地價及改劃新界土地利用事宜。他目前是獨立的土地規劃顧問、香港鄉郊基金會董事,近期更加入了民間土地資源專家組。

在這講座中,Nissim教授將解釋香港土地行政的歷史發展和目前的實務工作,並說明一些重要的法庭案例對本港土地行政的深遠影響。講座以其去年由香港大學出版社出版的 《Land Administration and Practice in Hong Kong》第四版為基礎。這本書的初版在1998年出版,自此成為學術界和業界廣泛使用的參考書,並曾被香港高等法院引用在判決書內。



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