Our Purposes

  • In search of Alternatives of Hong Kong;
  • To challenge the status quo and identify the possible measures of transforming Hong Kong;
  • To investigate the appropriate modes of thinking about space and time that can inform our practice


HKCGG is an academic body which was formerly an informal study group organized and run by lecturers and students in the Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University. We encouraged more readings, observations and discussions about Hong Kong issues outside the classroom. The group has been organized for about a year and we did have a fair amount of discussion on current issues in Hong Kong. Considering the limited amount of research on Hong Kong, we, therefore, decided to register the group. Accordingly, more interested parties can be assembled to discuss about the future of the city.

The name of our group implies three meanings:

1. We are a group in Hong Kong , with the majority of our members being Hongkongers. It represents our sense of belongings to the city.

2. Our discussions are critical in nature. Having understood the difficulties of our city and felt disappointed to these current issues, we are eager to propose improvements.

3. HKCGG is also a geography society. We are an academic group studying critically time and space.

(Written in October 2004)

Our activities include reading groups, field trips, seminars and workshops. If you have any enquiries, please write to us at mail@hkcgg.net!